Electronic Video Gaming (EVG) Distributor

  1. Complete license application for EVG Distributor, Form OCG2200 (Application for Electronic Video Gaming). Signature date and notary date MUST match.

  2. Page 2 of the application must be completed for each Officer, Board Member, and Owner of more than 5%. (Please note that all Social Security numbers are required). In addition each Officer, Board Member, and Owner of more than 5% must submit:

    1. Complete Personal History, Form OCG212. Complete Personal Financial History, Form OCG213.

  3. Submit application to Office and be sure all information requested by the application is submitted.>

  4. Office will review application and investigator will contact applicant to set-up date and time for site inspection and to answer any questions that arise.>

  5. License will be issued by Office after inspection unless further information has been requested, in which case license will be issued upon satisfactory compliance and submission of the requested information.>

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Office.