Electronic Video Gaming Devices

  1. Manufacturer completes application for approval to ship new electronic video gaming device, Form OCG223 (Video Gaming Device Shipment Notification). The signature of an official of the manufacturer is required and a bill of sale must be submitted.

  2. Office of Charitable Gaming approves the shipment notification if Distributor and shipping location are licensed. Office will fax approval to manufacturer and this approval must accompany the devices during shipment.

  3. Distributor then completes a Video Gaming Device Permit application (OCG221) for each machine to be permitted. Distributor must also submit the non-refundable permit fee with the application (either the entire $600 per device or $50 per month for the months prior to applying).

  4. Prior to devices being allowed to operate, the Office of Charitable Gaming will be required to test and permit each device.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Office.