Electronic Video Gaming (EVG) Manufacturer

  1. Complete license application for EVG Manufacturer, Form OCG2200 (Application for Electronic Video Gaming). Signature date and notary date MUST match.

  2. Page 2 of the application must be completed for each Officer, Board Member, and Owner of more than 5%. (Please note that all Social Security numbers are required). In addition each Officer, Board Member, and Owner of more than 5% must submit:

    1. Complete Personal History, Form OCG212.
    2. Complete Personal Financial History, Form OCG213.

  3. Submit application to Office and be sure all information requested by the application is submitted.

  4. Office will review application and investigator will contact applicant to set-up date and time for site inspection and to answer any questions that arise.

  5. License will be issued by Office after inspection unless further information has been requested, in which case license will be issued upon satisfactory compliance and submission of the requested information.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Office.